The contestants. Photo by the author.

Identifying The Standouts Among 20 Bars

Looking for a delicious dessert or snack that’s low in sugar and takes no preparation? Search no more. A square or two of dark chocolate is decadent and satisfying. We tested 20 bars in our quest for the ultimate indulgence.

We call these bars extreme since they contain 85–100% cacao. Dark chocolate in the 70–84% range is also available, but the extreme bars contain less sugar. A typical serving of an 85% bar contains only 4 g of sugar, with the sugar decreasing as the cacao climbs to 100%.

For this contest, we weren’t searching for an ultimate winner. Taste-wise…

Life In A Day 2020 Is Now Online.

First released in 2010, the new edition is now available. It’s composed of clips from July 25, 2020, sent in from contributors around the world. Set aside an hour and twenty five minutes and enjoy. From YouTube Originals. Better than most movies. Highly recommended.

If I ever have something important to tell the citizens of LA, I’ll write it on the hood of my car. Then, at 4:55pm, I’ll drive recklessly on the freeway, and within 10 minutes every news channel will be broadcasting my message for the next hour without interruption.

Why do these chases preempt regular shows? Are they really that newsworthy? Commercials are skipped, and revenue is lost. I don’t get it.

I have to admit I sometimes can’t resist watching. But most chases are uneventful, and predictably end with the driver lying face down on the pavement. I’ll be sure to wear old clothes.

We Interrupt This Program…

A 1 Pound Block Becomes 6 Mini Steaks

No crumbling or patty-making required

A 1 pound package of ground beef is typically thrown in a pan, broken up, and browned. Alternatively, the block can be formed by hand into hamburger patties. But I prefer cutting the brick into 6 pieces, and frying for about 5 minutes per side. I then have mini steaks that are slightly pink inside. They can be stored in the refigerator for later. And they can easily be cut into bite-sized pieces. Add some salt, and they’re ready to go.

Capturing The World 280 Characters At A Time

Photo by the author

SoCal sunsets have been amazing lately. Enjoyed this one yesterday. Here are a few other reports:

And in other news…

Spinach Is Now Sending Emails:

The Real Reason Jeff Bezos Is Stepping Down As Amazon CEO:

The Video Editor Is Great For Photos Too

Comic Book Effect

The Clips app is mainly for making video sequences. But the effects are available for photos too. Just import the photo, select the effect, and save the image back to the Photos library.

Many of the filters are also available from the standard Photos app (Vivid, Dramatic, Mono, others). But a few are only in Clips. Two that I like are shown here (Comic, Ink).

There are some limitations. The effect is either on or off. Also, the photo will be cropped. And working with landscape format requires turning the phone sideways while the controls don’t move. Also, after exporting the photo, a final crop may be needed since one side may include some white space.

The app is developed by Apple and is free.

Expect nothing, and you won’t be disappointed

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Okay, we’re doing this. Publishing every day for a month. I didn’t set any other requirements. I could hit publish right now and get on with my day. Tempting, but not yet. Keep going. It’s kind of like writing Morning Pages. You’ve heard of those, I’m sure. From The Artist’s Way. Write without stopping for 3 pages. Don’t edit, don’t critique, just write. I doubt that approach leads to improvement. I would guess it mainly helps with getting the creative juices flowing.

As an engineer, I tend to write the facts. I’m more of a Mr. Spock than a Captain…

Posting every day for a month

Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

I’m new here. Don’t take my advice. I’m just rambling.

Today is Feb 1 2021. I want to post every day for a month. I’m motivated because today is the start of the shortest month of the year. Can I write something for 28 days straight? Maybe. Why is it even a question? How difficult can it be to type some words every day? Apparently we’re going to find out.

I’m lazy, or, as I prefer to call it, efficient. I want to keep the damage to a minimum. This is the month to be reckless. Sorry if you’re reading…

Easier Than Frying

Photo by the author

Baking instead of frying bacon simplifies both cooking and cleanup. Just throw the pan in the oven, turn it halfway through, move the bacon to paper towels, drain the grease, and throw away the parchment paper. Time-wise, frying and baking are similar. But labor-wise, baking is the way to go.

Makes: About 10 strips

Time: 20 minutes to bake, about 25 minutes total


  • 12 oz bacon (enough to fit on 1 baking sheet)


  1. Heat oven to 377F.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. Place the bacon strips on the paper.
  4. Set the timer to 10 minutes.
  5. Place…

Capturing The World 280 Characters At A Time

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Gamestop: Accountability Demanded For Small Traders But Not For Big Banks

Gamestop: Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Insurrection Participants Claim They Were Duped

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